Hello! We are the Mercers – a powerlifting couple who turned our lives and health around. In 2011, we started our journey from overweight and inactive to competitive powerlifting. Collectively, we've lost 125 pounds, developed a sustainable diet, and started coaching others on methods for total health. Join us to get fit and lift heavy things!


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What our clients say:

  • Amazing one-hour session..tweaking and improving my set up, grip, bar placement, bar path, breathing/bracing on squats and bench press
    — Bea S
  • Working with Tim and Redbeard Barbell has been a great experience. At the beginning of the year we came up with a comprehensive annual plan which allowed me to gain muscle and strength and add over 240 lbs to my total.
    — Eric R
  • [RBBF] programming changed to fit my needs over my training period, and along with results, I had a lot of fun pushing the limits of my own strength. I highly recommend them!
    — Amanda L
  • Since working the Redbeard, I have gained a deeper appreciation for focused, steady movements that ultimately result in explosive power. Cool, right?
    — Elise E
  • Because of my training with RBBF I am stronger than I ever thought possible.
    — Christy S
  • Great results – personable, expert!
    — Nancy H
  • Tim is one of the most disciplined lifters I've seen and instills this discipline in those he works with.
    — Stephen L
  • I don't think I would have stayed with Crossfit without RBBF's coaching, advice, and humor.
    — Spencer A
  • Learnt so much with Tim in just two sessions whilst on vacation in pdx!
    — Bea S
  • From the individualized programming and nutrition plans to the awesome meet day coaching, Tim has made a significant positive impact in my career as a powerlifter.
    — Eric R
  • Tim coached me trough my first powerlifting meet and it was an amazing experience. Competing was never on my radar, but Tim and Jackie made be feel completely prepared and excited.
    — Amanda L