How it started

After losing our way in a world of overtime, happy hours, and long commutes, we were out of shape and out of health.  More importantly, we had lost a huge part of our core – the athlete inside.  In 2011, we chose to regain our health.  The journey included loads of learning (Paleo diet, fitness, capabilities) and lots of personal growth. Despite the non-linear progress and multiple course corrections, we've continued this journey of self-improvement.  Today the journey persists with Redbeard Barbell & Fitness.  We are excited for you to join our journey!

Our focus includes: Powerlifting, Weight Loss, Paleo Nutrition, Athletic Performance,
Interval Training, Metabolic Conditioning, and Strength Training


Tim Mercer

Coach being coach.

Coach being coach.

I've been around sports my whole life! I played baseball starting at age 4, and moved on to football and other sports during elementary school.  I started working-out in the weight room when I was 12 years old and at age 16, started competing in powerlifting.   I have a deep understanding of sports, fitness and training. I've also gained and lost weight multiple times, so I understand the struggles of people who battle weight gain.

I started working out in the weight room when I was 12 years old, and at age 16 I started competing in powerlifting

I've coached athletes in multiple sports, and I am a coach at my core!  I love helping someone learn to deadlift properly, get to a healthy body weight, or learn to see themselves differently in the world.  I strive to combine the fury of the vikings with the compassion my Norwegian grandmother showed every single day on earth, while working to help others become better versions of themselves.

  • B.S. Eastern Oregon University, 2007

  • Certified Powerlifting Coach, USAPL, 2016

  • Certified Powerlifting Coach, USPA, 2015

  • Certified Personal Trainer, NCSF, 2013

  • Level 1 Sports Performance Certification, USAW, 2013

  • Paleo f(x) Attendee, 2014 & 2015

  • Crossfit Football, 2014

  • Postural Restoration Institute- Integration for Fitness & Movement 2018

  • Balanced Bites Nutrition Seminar, 2012

  • RTS Classroom- Microcycles, Macrocycles, Individualization & Emerging Strategies 2016-17

  • Powerlifting Referee, USPA 2016, USAPL 2018


Jackie Mercer

The athlete in the family…

The athlete in the family…

The introduction to sport and competition happened for me in the 3rd grade. Being tall for my age and for a girl I naturally gravitated towards team sports like basketball and volleyball. Although I was an athlete all through college my true introduction to the barbell didn’t really happen until I was in my late 20’s.

After college I refocused my time and attention, applying my competitive drive fully into my career which resulted in working way too many hours, eating a lot of junk, and steadily putting on the pounds until I reached my largest weight at 220lbs. Physically my body was hurting all the time, I had developed extreme anxiety that was beginning to take over my life and I was desperate for relief. This is how my journey began….

Now days I’m 45lbs lighter... with 4 state records and an unwavering commitment to my long term health.

Now days I’m 45lbs lighter, I eat as a means to properly fuel my body and its functions, I have nine powerlifting competitions under my belt, with four state records and an unwavering commitment to my long-term health. I also have a growing passion for giving back to this sport of powerlifting that has given so much to me, with a special desire to help other women find empowerment through fitness and strength training.

  • B.A. Pacific University, 2005

  • Certified Powerlifting Coach, USAPL, 2016

  • Powerlifting Referee, USPA 2016, USAPL 2018

  • 2 time Raw Nationals competitor

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