Redbeard Barbell is proud to present

Technique Tuesday

When: February 19th, 6pm-8pm

Where: Redbeard Barbell & Fitness; 5132 NE MLK Blvd, Portland

What: Coached, Open-Gym Session

Price: $25

Limited to the first 6 registered


Competition Equipment; Top-notch Coaching

Technique Tuesday’s are a great opportunity to lift on competition equipment, and get some top-notch coaching, in a fun and supportive environment! This is designed for folks who are looking for some help with the powerlifts, but, for one reason or another, aren’t ready to do regular coaching. This is like office hours with your powerlifting coach!

Let my stalls, sputters, dead-ends and surgeries be your lessons. It’s cheaper and easier for you because I’ve gone ahead so blindly!
— Dan John

This is a 2hr drop in session, and it’s limited to 6 participants. You come with a workout to do, or at least an agenda, and ready to train. You can train in our space, with competition equipment, under the watchful eye of 2 powerlifting coaches. We’ll be there to answer questions, and provide feedback on your lifts. It’s top shelf coaching, with no commitment!

Jackie and Tim are both national level powerlifting competitors, and record holders. They are also both certified powerlifting coaches through USA Powerlifting. To read more about their stories, check out their bio's here.

What our customers say about our coaching:

PRs across the board. Fun atmosphere. Knowledgeable coaches, I was able to learn a lot about technique even though I’ve been doing Olympic lifts for 3+ yrs
— 2017 Winter Strength Series Client
The fun and helpful attitude of both coaches was awesome. No ego or douchebaggery was involved.
— 2017 Winter Strength Series Client