Redbeard Barbell is proud to present the

First-Timer Workshop

When: March 16, 2018 3:30pm-5:00pm

Where: Redbeard Barbell & Fitness

Price: $15

Limited to the first 12 registered


Knowing is half the battle...

We want to help you be successful in your first powerlifting meet, and help remove some of the anxiety that comes with your first competition. We'll cover everything from how to pack your bag on meet day, to weigh ins, to commands during the execution of the lifts. This won't be a coaching session, but will hopefully help you feel more comfortable heading into your first meet.


  • Meet Day Order of Events

    • Basic timeline of a meet

    • How weigh-ins work

    • When you should be warming up

  • Gear Check

    • We'll take a look at your gear to assure there are no surprises on meet day

  • Rules Briefing Stuff

    • We'll discuss the commands for the lifts, and what will get you red-lighted

  • Miscellaneous

    • What to eat on meet day

    • Basic attempt selection guidelines

    • What to pack in your bag on meet day

  • Q&A

    • Ask any other questions you haven't gotten answered

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