Nutrition Coaching

We started our journey with a traditional nutritional approach (counting calories, gravitating towards low fat foods) but turned towards a Paleo diet in 2011.  Since then, we have attended a Balanced Bites Nutrition Seminar, Paleo f(x) (2014 & 2015), as well as multiple Paleo talks. Now, we use a modified Paleo approach that focuses on eating real food, while acknowledging that diet should not be your religion.  Please note: we'd love to help you with your nutrition, but we are neither dietitians, nor doctors and cannot provide medical advice.

How we'll get down to business
RBBF nutrition clients typically use a weekly reporting system, as well as a spreadsheet tracking system.  When working with new clients, we meet 1-2 times to discuss ideas, challenges, and history. We'll implement small and sustainable changes with the goal of creating long-term lifestyle change, not just short-term weight loss.

Photos via JourneyKitchen and Pix&Pieces