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Ballots Came to Eligible Voters on 1/03/2019 via Email from Danna Snow


Why: For the love of this sport, and this state!
What: Hold the state chair role to further the commitment to powerlifting in Oregon.

To Do: Increase the growth of membership & community, and mature the organization

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Why Tim?

  • An Oregon Native!

  • Began powerlifting in 1996 in ADFPA

  • Expertise in all facets of meet direction

  • Working hard to grow USA Powerlifting in Oregon since 2015

  • Loads of leadership experience

  • Built a database of powerlifting volunteers

  • Hosted “first-timers” workshop to onboard new athletes

  • A vision to grow and mature USA Powerlifting in Oregon


A letter to Oregon powerlifters:


Dear Powerlifter,

As you likely already know, I am running for election to be the next state chair of USA Powerlifting Oregon. You can place your vote here.

While it's fair to say we've had huge growth in membership over the last three years in our state, I have seen some specific shortcomings of our organization that as state chair I'd like to address. In my view, we cannot continue to grow and mature as an organization if we don't do these things, and the lack of progress on these fronts is exactly why I'm in this election.

Here are the specific items I believe USA Powerlifting Oregon must do:

Outreach and onboarding of new refs-

First on the agenda is the issue of ref's. Since I became involved with USA Powerlifting Oregon in late 2015, the number of refs in the state has been a huge problem. While we've grown from less than a dozen to over 200 members, the number of refs in the state has hardly changed. This makes the job of holding meets in Oregon, particularly outside the PDX Metro area, exceedingly difficult. We need a state chair who's identifying ref candidates, actively recruiting ref candidates, and onboarding new refs!
Over the last 3 years I've built a network of volunteers, and I've done outreach to ref candidates, but the state chair must be doing the onboarding. As your next state chair, I'd make this priority 1!

Outreach and onboarding of new meet directors & host gyms-

This WHY has to do with meet directors. In spite of the growth in USA Powerlifting Oregon, the vast majority of the members are in the PDX metro area, and all of the meets have been in PDX. To mature our organization, and continue to grow, the state chair needs to be actively recruiting new meet directors and host gyms. Once new meet directors are identified they must be trained properly to establish a network of well-qualified meet directors and to protect the high quality of meet production that USA Powerlifting is known for. I have expertise in all aspects of meet production, and I have significant career experience in process improvement and workforce training. I have begun working on this, as I already have the first meet on the calendar outside of PDX (the #LadiesofIronOregon meet next May). I am the man for this job!

Development of community-

We could do SO MUCH more to develop our community! Our state doesn't have a website or a state meeting, and it barely has a social media presence. As state chair, I'd like to set up a USA Powerlifting Oregon website and begin having an annual state meeting. I'd like to create multiple positions in our organization, to empower folks to lead and give back to the powerlifting community they love. I'd like to create an annual strength symposium and an online first-timer workshop. Together we can do so much more to develop our community, but we need a leader that will provide some vision and lift others up. I'd love to help with this work!

Outreach to high school athletes-

The way to create the significant and lasting success of a powerlifting organization is to get them hooked while they're young. I started competitive powerlifting in high school, and I attribute the deep roots of my love for this sport primarily to that fact. Powerlifting is part of my fabric because it was part of my formative years. We need to be doing outreach to high schools to teach kids about the sport, and make connections with athletic directors and coaches. As we start to build the numbers of high school athletes, we can work towards having a High School State Championship. Building and maintaining a solid network of high school athletes and programs will assure our organization has a future! I've already begun working on this and will be doing volunteer powerlifting coaching at Cleveland HS next month. As your next state chair, I'd like to make this a priority.

Development of organizational infrastructure-

Finally, we need to have leadership that builds our organizational infrastructure. Mature state powerlifting organizations have leadership teams (which I addressed in my community point), as well as community equipment to help new meet directors, but not Oregon. Most states have a USA Powerlifting backdrop, and a website, but not Oregon! Many states have a cohesive calendar that's discussed between the state chair and meet directors and built in a way that makes sense for the organization and its athletes, but not Oregon. The growth of our membership is great, but we need to take steps to build our organization and infrastructure if we want continued success. We need leadership with the vision to see what we need to be successful, and I'm that guy.

I've been around this sport since the mid-'90s, and I couldn't be more excited by the growth that USA Powerlifting Oregon has had recently. Back in 2015 when I sanctioned the first USA Powerlifting meet in Oregon in more than a decade, this is exactly what we hoped would happen. I believe USA Powerlifting is the "gold-standard" for powerlifting, and I am thrilled that others in Oregon are seeing that as well. I do however see some shortcomings in our current organization, and I'd like to be your next state chair so I can tackle this head-on.

If you are a current USA Powerlifting member, the head office just sent you an email to ask you to vote for state chair. Please vote for me to be Oregon’s next state chair! Also, be sure to talk to your friends and tell them to vote for Tim!

Let's continue the membership growth AND turn Oregon into a mature powerlifting Organization!


Tim Mercer

I’d like to be the next state chair, so we can be devoted to the plan as laid out above.
— Tim Mercer

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A proven leader in and out of the sport!

Tim has years of leadership experience in the real world, in addition to his years of leadership in powerlifting.

pdx powerlifting04.jpg

A vision for the future!

Tim sees big things for USA Powerlifting in Oregon, and wants to make them a reality. It won’t happen with one person, but with Tim’s leadership Oregon can rise up!


A track record of service!

From directing meets, to reffing, to coaching and teaching, Tim has spent countless hours in service to the sport, not just as a competitive athlete.

Vote for Tim Mercer for State Chair!

Ballots will be emailed to you from the National Office during the week of 12/30